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  • KEITH S. / Columbus, Ohio
  • BETTY M. / Columbus, Ohio
  • JIM & JEAN D./ Findlay, Ohio
  • MARY W. / Dublin, Ohio
  • BETTY O. / Dublin, Ohio
  • BRENDA H. / Columbus, Ohio
  • TIM C. / Marysville, Ohio
  • BRADLEY H. / Hilliard, Ohio
  • DANIEL D.  / Dublin, Ohio
  • SALLY T. / Dublin, Ohio
  • DALE M. / Urbana, Ohio
  • LARRY B. / Dublin, Ohio
  • THOMAS A. / Dublin, Ohio
  • CODY D. / Dublin, Ohio
  • YURI R. / Dublin, Ohio
  • SHASHI M. / Columbus, Ohio
  • TONI B. / Plain City, Ohio
  • JON C. / Plain City, Ohio
  • KATHRYN M. / Plain City, Ohio
  • MICHELLE M. / Powell, Ohio
  • DOROTHY B. / Grove City, Ohio

“The thing I have liked the most about my stay at The Convalarium is the residents and staff are so friendly. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone who would need therapy or even long term care. I’ve been to lots of places and The Convalarium was the BEST CARE ALL DAY LONG. And the physical and occupational therapy is great! The Convalarium has helped me accomplish my goals. They help to help you overcome pain and disabilities. And they care! The memory I will take with me is of a caring and loving environment and they make you feel at home and welcome! I also think the activities department is wonderful, especially the Director, Wendy.” – KEITH S.

“Everybody I have met with here has been so nice. That’s the one thing I will remember from here, everyone is just very nice. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing it, because the people here are so kind, they have all treated me right. The therapy has been wonderful. And the food, I haven’t had one thing that I didn’t like here; it’s all been so good. My sister was here and she loved it—she recommended it to me. I didn’t know what to expect from a facility like this, but this has been so great. I have had no complaints, and there are a lot of people here and I haven’t heard them complaining either. If I ever had to come back, I would!” – BETTY M.

“This is the second place we have been to in Dublin for this occurrence. We spent 15 days in another facility and were displeased; we have been at The Convalarium for over 50 days and are very happy. When we came here, things got better.

Giving care is a hard job, but here the staff is wonderful, helpful and accommodating. The nurses and STNAs are visible here, so when you need them they are easy to find. The therapy staff is outstanding. They take the time to get to know you and understand you so they know how to get you to perform your best and get stronger so you can go home.

The activities department is wonderful, they  have so much to do. The activities lady puts out a calendar with events scheduled for an entire month. The administrator is helpful and makes time to talk to you when you need something. The food is good and there are plenty of choices at each meal. The office staff is seen outside the offices and helping out on the floor when needed. The staff here does a good job of anticipating your needs.

They have rooms that you can reserve that don’t cost anything where you can have family meals and things. And that’s a wonderful thing, especially when you have to be in a center like this, you can still have a family dinner and enjoy yourself for a while. So overall, this is a great place and we would absolutely recommend it.  We are very happy with our choice to switch facilities.” – JIM & JEAN D. 

Mary W“I’m glad The Convalarium was here to help me recuperate from surgery. The various level of staff has all been friendly and helpful in caring for my well being. The therapists have been conscious of my particular needs and have been consistent and gracious in their treatments. The food has been nourishing and good, with a variety of meals. The friendly nurses have been consistent in their care of my physical status and needed medications and have graciously taken care of any special needs that have arisen. All of the staff personnel, including the aids and housekeeping, have been friendly and helpful. Please accept my gratitude for taking such good care of me when I needed it.” – MARY W.

“I think this facility is top notch! And I am grateful and lucky to have been placed in this facility for rehab. Every day I come to the lobby for coffee club with residents from both the rehab and the long term care side. I think this facility has a wonderful sense of community. I don’t spend much time in my room because there are so many other things to be doing. I think a lot of us are like that, we don’t spend much time in our rooms, we want to be out and doing things together.

There are many wonderful people that work here. Lisa is a nurse here. I think she is outstanding. She has so much compassion for her work and the people here. Tracy is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen, I think she is outstanding. Chloe and the rest of the housekeepers are wonderful, you don’t have to ask them to do anything, they know exactly what needs done and they are really good workers. Wendy, the Activities Director, does a fantastic job! She creates such a sense of community and gets us involved with each other.

I feel lucky to have found this facility and I recommend it to anyone who needs rehabilitation, assisted living, or long term care!” – Betty O.

“My mom, Brenda, is a resident at The Convalarium of Dublin. We want to express the amazing gratitude we have for the facility and the staff. Mom is doing great and has made many friends. The proper words are difficult to come by because we still can’t believe how wonderful this place is. In my mom’s words, she says, ‘I thank God every day that my family found this place for me.’ She is so thankful to be here. Now we don’t have to think about the terrible place she left. Thank you so much for the wonderful facility and staff.” – The Family of Brenda H. 

“After ending up in the hospital for neurological weakness and numbness, I was told I would be going to a skilled nursing facility for in-residence rehab and therapy. I was very unsure of what to expect as I have never been to a rehabilitation and healthcare center before. To my surprise I found the staff very welcoming and kind. The Convalarium is clean and very nice. They changed my bed out to a larger bed for more comfort the first night I was here. The nurses and aides are very good and care about their patients. The food is very good and the dining room is very nice. They have fun activities daily that everyone is encouraged to attend. The management staff is caring and really works to take care of your needs while you are here. Rehab is fantastic!! The staff is superb and very helpful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else than The Convalarium of Dublin.”  – TIM C.

Bradly H“I’m a USAF veteran that has diabetes as of a year ago and was in need of an amputation of a toe and two metacarpals to stop the infection in the bone from proceeding up the leg. No rooms available within the VA left me with choosing Riverside Methodist Hospital. I didn’t know medicine had come so far. I took 19 days to get through these surgeries and pass a gall stone and rest a little. I was worn out and very much needed a good rehabilitation facility. I looked over my options and quickly chose The Convalarium of Dublin. I was in great need of recovery.

Riverside ran like a fine tuned machine. I needed staff that compared to that in The Convalarium.

Once I had settled in to the beautiful Convalarium and they received the doctor’s orders from Riverside, I just had to advocate a little for myself and all the staff was on the right page with my situation.

For every next need I had, there was staff to quickly and properly take care of it well. Such good and hard workers, working as a team, propelled me to a quick recovery.

The physical therapists have just given such a good report of my progress that, now on the 80th day here, the insurance company may feel I can discharge within a few days before stitches are out and off non-weight baring status to return home. Yea!

Thank you Convalarium.”  – BRADLEY H.

“The staff is very dedicated to being helpful and friendly. The physical therapists are very good at their jobs and taught me to walk again when I came in a wheelchair. I would recommend this nursing home for any family member. The kitchen staff put care into what they are doing and make as much from scratch as they are able to. Be sure to eat the Chicken Alfredo!” – DANIEL D.

“I am writing to thank The Convalarium for the wonderful care you gave my husband. You all worked so very hard to help him fight his Parkinson’s Disease. You were wonderful to him and always responded so quickly and pleasantly to his needs. The attention he got was excellent!

The staff was so gracious to me (and I was there every day). I got so used to seeing everyone each day. What a dedicated group you are.

I have and will continue to tell those who ask – The Convalarium is where to go if you want excellent care and caring staff.” – SALLY T.

Dale M“I enjoyed my stay both times at The Convalarium (as well as one can when recovering from surgeries). I was well attended to by all staff: doctor, nurses, aides and therapists, as well as support staff such as housekeeping and dietary. I would recommend The Convalarium for anyone seeking rehabilitation or long-term care. The entire staff is like an extended family.”  – DALE M.




Larry B“After the death of my dad, my mother hit that point in her life where she was not able to live alone and I was not skilled enough to assist her in her daily needs. We agreed to move her into an assisted living facility.

Unfortunately Mom fell and broke her hip. After her hospital stay she was admitted to The Convalarium for rehabilitation and care.

Due to her fall, and the loss of her husband of 64 years, her dementia seemed to get worse and I could see she was going to need the extra care. I did not hesitate when I found out there was a room available to admit my mom to the long-term care side of The Convalarium.

The care at The Convalarium is in a class of its own; the entire staff is very attentive to her needs and they never hesitate to help or answer any question I ask. All the nurses, aids and physical therapists are very concerned about my mom’s well being and go out of their way to make sure she is comfortable and clean.

The food preparation and assistance to help her eat has helped her appetite. My mom eats so much that she does not have to be weighed every week as was previously necessary.

During the day, there are always activities for the residents to participate in and my mom seems to enjoy the hot chocolate and balloon volleyball. Many times during the year there are functions where the family members of the residents are invited to participate. There are dinners, music, events and other entertainment and they are always done in a very relaxed atmosphere.

The administrative staff is always ready to take time to listen and help with any issues that may arise. They are all very professional and make my life easier and I know that all is well with my mom as long as she can live here.”  — LARRY B.

“When I was hospitalized with an ailment which impeded my mobility, the physician prescribed a stay at a skilled nursing facility and physical therapy. The Convalarium was chosen as it met my placement needs.

I was warmly greeted upon arrival by a kind, courteous staff and therapy started immediately

My room was very comfortable and conducive to my reaching my goals. I found entertaining activities during my stay which I shared with other residents.  The staff all showed genuine interest in my care and I would recommend The Convalarium to anyone needing care.”  – THOMAS A. 

“The Convalarium of Dublin is a wonderful place. The staff here are very friendly and do whatever they can to make you comfortable. The atmosphere here is very positive and the public rooms’ decor is beautiful.  They’re perfect for spending time with loved ones.

The kitchen staff is excellent. The food is great.

When I first came in here I was greeted with a smile and treated with respect. I would recommend The Convalarium to anyone.” – CODY D.  

Yuri R“When I arrived at The Convalarium, I could see the staff’s attitude and all my fears kind of disappeared. Everyone, from the Doctor, Director of Nursing, and the whole staff and physical therapy department, were professional and efficient. They made me feel very comfortable. We made a great choice in coming to The Convalarium. I appreciate the attention and care I’ve received.

It’s the best team – very professional, courteous, friendly and they go out of their way to please me and the other residents. Everyone was fantastic. I could not have had a better experience. I was very surprised at how the Director of Nursing was hands-on and worked so hard. She even brought me my dinner tray.

The Convalarium made me feel like I was home.” – YURI R. 

CONtestSince my admission to The Convalarium and previous admissions, I have found the facility very good and all the services outstanding. All the nurses, nurses aides and administrative staff are very cooperative and helpful. The therapy staff is very competent and taken all the care to make me able to do all my ADL’s better and efficient with my diagnosis. The facility doctors are very good with my care. – SHASHI M.

While no one really likes the idea of having to go to any rehab facility, I have to say I was not hesitant at all coming back to The Convalarium for my second knee replacement. Both the care and staff could not have been better. From the nurses to the people that took care of my room, they always had a smile and a friendly greeting—which is appreciated more than anyone could know. I would, and have, told everyone of the way I, and the other clients I would see, were taken care of. The staff seems to truly be interested in making our time at The Convalarium pleasant. Thank you for everything. – TONI B

Jon C“The atmosphere at this facility, is one of rehabilitation, physical therapy and recovery, a diet of body, mind, and soul. This place is truly blessed by its staff, workers and management. I entered this facility and within a few days I felt this blessing. My recovery has been quick and promising and I personally recommend this place to anyone who is need of a blessed quick recovery. It has been quite an astonishing recovery and not a usual place for recovery. I have felt healing here.” – JON C.

Kathryn M“I’m an old lady of nearly ninety years — old in body, young at heart. About a month ago a dastardly pinched nerve in my spine rendered me completely immobile and in great pain. After an MRI and a hospital stay I was transferred to The Convalarium of Dublin for rehab.

I’ll not be cured but they sure are doing a wonderful job of patching up what’s left. They also tell me I will be able to function at least as well as I did before, so I can go home. The rehab staff has been wonderful getting this ancient body to perform daily tasks and procedures that are necessary for being alone.

The food is warm, tasty and served on time. There’s even mental stimulation for all to participate in. Games, puzzles, crafts, books, magazines, bingo and some lovely music is offered regularly, including all the oldies but goodies, and everyone can participate if they care to.

Lots of care and attention is given to everyone and especially those that have problems doing for themselves. Every patient seems special and gets professional and personal care.

Thank God for these people that have the patience to put up with the old, sick and senile and make their lives a lot more meaningful.” – Kathryn M. 

“The food is great. I enjoy being able to go outside. I like having a fridge in the room. I like that the staff helps us interact with each other with activities — BINGO is my favorite. Having laundry done on site is very helpful. I like being able to sit where I want for meals to make friends.”  – Michelle M. 

“Tim “Tool Man” Taylor (The Maintenance Director) is an excellent repairman and can fix anything. He is very timely, very personable. I had a light burn out, and first thing in the morning, he came in and fixed it for me. I’m very happy with this place.

Chloe is an STNA here, and I think she is just wonderful. She has a caring heart and really cares for all the residents. If I ask her for something, I know I’m going to get it right away. She is such a sweetheart with great energy and very cheerful.”  – Dorothy B.